Coatings Services

Asheboro, North Carolina

Asheboro, North Carolina

Offering North Carolina & Surrounding Areas Liquid Paint & Value-Added Services

Certifications: ISO 9001:2015

PPG Coatings Services’ Asheboro, North Carolina facility, established in 2001, provides high-volume liquid painting services to Tier 1 suppliers of interior automotive components for numerous OEMs.
Capable of applying water- and solvent-based coatings, the Asheboro plant meets a full range of automotive specifications and requirements for a diverse customer base. Additional services include CO2 cleaning pretreatment, light assembly and finessing for high-gloss components.



All Asheboro plant systems are built to accommodate large-volume requirements and small to large part-size variations for automotive interiors and exteriors, as well as appliance components. Featuring a special CO2 cleaning system that meets many European OEM interior and exterior cleaning requirements, the facility houses 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space and an equal amount of warehousing space to accommodate large-volume demands.

Environmentally Friendly

The Asheboro facility uses low-VOC and HAPS-free water-based coatings almost exclusively, and has the capability to utilize solvent-based coatings for specific applications. The use of low-VOC/HAPS-free coatings ensures compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, which includes limiting related emissions to less than half the plant’s annual allotment.

Quality Assurance

  • ISO9001:2008 Certification
  • On-site Testing for Gloss, Film Thickness and Adhesion
  • On-Going Team Training Programs


Asheboro offers full EDI/ASN (Electronic Data Interchange/Advanced Shipping Notice) capabilities to our customers.


Conveniently located off I-73 in central North Carolina


201 Art Bryan Drive,

Asheboro, North Carolina

United States,



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